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First and foremost, I AM AN ARTIST. I started my career as a graphic designer after graduating from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and moving to Arizona. For the eight years I was in Arizona I was a picture framer at Michael’s, Graphic Designer at a Print Shop, Web Designer/Developer at a Software Company, Computer Lab Manager at a High School, Freelance Photographer and a Graphic Design/Photography Teacher. Whew… that’s a lot in 8 years. However, I have learned so much over the years and had the opportunity to experience a lot of different industries which makes me more valuable.

I am almost done with my Masters Degree which is in Web Design and New Media. I will be presenting my final thesis in Spring 2015 with the hopes that it will be approved and I will officially be graduated! This fall I did decide to go back to school for a Bachelors of Science in Web Design and Development. To you it may not make sense, but it was the best decision I made. I learned a lot with my Masters but didn’t learn everything I was looking to learn. In my few months at Full Sail University, I have found what I was desiring to learn. You don’t ever stop learning! :)

So that brings me to the now… I moved back to my hometown of Warren, PA with the realization that I like small towns and the big cities are good to visit but not to live. I like running into people that I know. I enjoy that people look you in the eye when walking by you and say hello and ask how you are doing. I like that rush hour consists of a few extra cars at a stop sign and the traffic lights turn to blinkers at night.

I am currently freelancing with graphic and web design and photography. I am also re-establishing my screen printing business that I do as a side job/ hobby. I am also spending time on my art that I have been putting off, painting and drawing mostly. And I now make my own custom frames.

I am looking for a forever home kind of career where it doesn’t feel like work and I’m happy to go to every day. I will always freelance, screen print and make frames. Some say it’s better to focus on one area but I make them all work. I enjoy them so why not!

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